Supply-Advantage's focussed aims is to bring businesses a greater competitive edge from their suppliers and supply chain. By using our expertise gained from a wide range of industries and deep functional knowledge in procurement, supply chain and sustainability clients optimise and improve their incoming supply. With our access to best practice, professional knowledge and shared resources we deliver efficient and collaborative actions that drives business advantage from its incomingsupply


- Cost Reduction

Delivering Total Cost savings from all along the supply chain. Purchasing price savings, agreed usage reductions and specification reviews that maximise value from spend. Supply Chain opportunity analyses that identify greater efficiencies from internal and external stages. Making Transaction Cost improvements through implementingsystems or process enhancements. And Maximising category leverage through co-ordinated cross-company and multi-partner procurement.

- Operational Efficiency -

Intelligent operational design, full process definition with the necessary quality controls, systems and KPI oversight. The supply chain made sustainable and flow of materials/dataoptimised with required delivery performance. Regular Stakeholder meetings facilitated to schedule, respond and communicate. Periodic strategy and performance reviews with end-end operational measurement through KPIs, Service Agreements and tracking to goals.

- Performance Management -

Measuring supplier performance, stakeholder relationship strength, strategic alignment of all parties, creative innovation process and delivery of key objectives (cost, service, support, etc). Then working with all stakeholders to install performance improvement plans with targets and milestone reviews. Support for the Supply Team to meet strategic objectives, set detailed savings targets and ensure full servicing of stakeholder needs.

- Innovation -

Procurement and Supply Chain as entrepreneurs. Bringing external viewpoints, cross-industry experience and forever challenging the status quo. Facilitating team processes for new idea creation and novel approaches that are dynamic, innovative and do test boundaries. Resulting in the re-set of paradigms, motivated teams with the launch of pragmatic new visions and plans for the next wave(s) of company success.

- Building for a Sustainable Future  -

In full alignment with company goals, building a supply chain that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Reviewing and understanding supply or reputational risks before seeking alternative choices and/or putting in place mitigation plans. Actively using the power of one's company purchasing spend to make change beyond the organisation (Scope 3)on the company's sustainability priorities - and so reducing damaging risks and enhancing the futures for employees, communities and the wider global environment 


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