Have advised many SME businesses as they start their Sustainability journey - including on selecting and applying for Sustainability standards/certifications (eg ISO 14001 and B-Corp status), assisting in the tender applications for government projects requiring entry of sustainability criteria, general appreciation of what sustainability is and the initial action plans to get started

Providing and developing training materials on topics such as Sustainable Procurement, Supply Chain Sustainability (including Scope 3 Emission understanding), Circular Economy, Lifecycle costing (and carbon) analysis, energy efficiency and conservation. Supported government lobbying and wider understanding of merits and cross-industry needs for the farm and municipalwaste -to- Biomethane renewable gas industry in Ireland

Developed Sustainability policies and plans for Procurement Functions and Business Units to lead on expectations and actions from team members, suppliers and stakeholders. Defined key risks and concerns, mitigation actions and management measures to take with KPIs to monitor 

BuiltSustainable, lean and customer-focussed organisation structures for operations, supply chain management and global procurement teams with clients in the chemical, retail, professional services and FMCG sectors. Including definition of roles, responsibilities - eg RACI (Responsible Accountable Consulted Informed), Process Streams and Workflow with Stakeholders

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